Why does my hair stop growing?

Why does my hair keep breaking?

How do I gain inches to my hair?

There are more than a million questions that might be racing through your mind and you are trying to find answers to, you have tried out different hair products with your hair but none has brought a lasting solution.

Whether you are rocking a big afro or you carry medium length hair, you are always bothered about its growth and this is natural for everyone. Well, we want to sit back and relax, with this article you don’t need to fret about your hair growth any longer.

Studies show that the average human grows hair about 1/2 inch every month. Nevertheless, not everyone enjoys this natural phenomenon of hair growth. While many factors like genetics and personal lifestyle can affect the growth of your hair, there is more to it.

In this tutorial we would be guiding and showing you why your hair isn’t growing, you will find out and discover what you are doing wrong that is impeding your hair growth, and how to regain your hair growth and retain length.

Cutting your hair often

Often times, you watch on YouTube to always cut off split ends from your hair. Split ends are almost as bad as breakage to your hair quite alright, but cutting your hair as many times as you are experiencing this is not the best solution for it. Constant cutting of split ends or hair would not allow your hair to grow to maximum. If your hair is not heat damaged there is no need to cut your hair every time.

Having poor hair care routine

The way you plan a gym visit for weekends in order to keep your body in shape and maintain fitness, so also it’s important to keep a care routine for your hair.

You must always measure your hair length especially after styling, to be sure if you are losing your hair or not. And if you notice you probably losing your hair after styling then, your hairstylist isn’t helping you retain your hair length. And it is best to find a stylist that can help you maintain or increase your hair length.

Poor diet

Like the previous article where we explain that your hair is made of proteins and amino acids, a proper and healthy diet is really important for the growth of your hair.Make sure you eat a healthy diet and you exercise regularly as this not only affects your general body but also your hair.

Protein is highly important for your hair growth because hair follicles are mostly made of protein. Vegetables and fruit are also proven diets to consume in order to keep hair growth.

Using chemicals and sulfate on your hair: It is advisable to stick to natural products for your hair, don’t apply chemicals to it. Chemical shampoos cause breakages, stunted hair growth and hair loss.

Natural hair products make detangling of your hair easier, and keeps your hair moisturized.

Washing your hair with hot water

While you might have been told to wash your hair with hot water, it is a very wrong advice and a big no. Do not wash your hair with hot water.

Hot water causes dehydration for your hair and can lead to hair breakages. You can wash your hair with warm or lukewarm water that is better for your hair. But the best way of washing the hair is cold water as it helps seal moisture into your hair.

Remember that there are many other reasons why your hair is not growing such as age, genetics, stress level and many more but what is important is how do you get your hair to start growing. The simple answer to this is give your hair the healthy treatment and care you would give to your body.

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